Star Fish Market, 650 Village Walk Shopping Center Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 06437, (203)458-3474

Soup & Salad

Our shelves are always stocked with a variety of fresh Soup and cold Salads.

You may purchase a specific amount from the counter, or pre-packaged (1 lb) containters from our refrigerated or freezer sections. Our Soup is made fresh and is refrigerated for maximum flavor.

Freshly made soup: clam broth, new england chowder, lobster bisque

Freshly made soup is available, in one pound containers, in our refrigerated and freezer sections.

Some Soup recipes include:

The Salads Star Fish Market offers are always made with the finest ingredients and will last several days in your refrigerator.

Freshly made salads every day; black bean, potato, seaweed, shrimp
Fresh salads are always available.

A few samples of our Salads include: